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The Red Lake Municipal Airport and the J.E.J. Fahlgren Terminal provide year round all-weather air transport services to residents and visitors alike. Scroll down to see our services, tenants and schedules. Contact Airport Management for more information.

Flight Status

For specific flight information contact the Airline you are flying with directly

YRL Arrival and Departure Information



Airstrip Details

Elevation 1266 ASL
Location N51.04.02 W93.47.35
Airstrip Type Asphalt, all-weather surface
Length 5001'x 150'
Direction Runway 080(079°)/260(259°)
Lighting ARCAL - 122.3 Type K, PAPI, ODALS, Rotating Beacon


RCO Kenora rdo 122.3 (RAAS) 12-04Z Winnipeg rdo 123.55 (FISE)
MF Kenora rdo 122.3 12-04Z O/T tfc 122.3 5NM 4300 ASL
PAL Winnipeg ctr 135.325

Please refer to the Canada Flight Supplement for more detailed information on Communication.


NAVIGATION NDB RL 218 (M) N51.03.40 W93.47.06 318° 0.4NM to A/D
VOR/DME YRL 114.0 Ch 87 N51.04.17 W93.45.43 (1280') 255° 1.2 NM to A/D


Wasaya Airways Hangar (807) 662-1119
Bearskin Airlines (807) 662-2039
Superior Airways (807) 662-4300
Fast Air Jet Centre (Central Aviation) (807) 662-7241
Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) (807) 662-7501
Wilderness North Air (888) 465-3474
North Star Air (844) 633-6294


2024 Fees


Landing Fees

Turbo and Jet Aircraft







10,000 kg or less

$ 4.12 per 1,000 kg



10,001 kg to 45,000 kg

$ 5.61 per 1,000 kg



45,001 kg or greater

$ 6.22 per 1,000 kg



Minimum Landing Fee

$ 20.50

Piston Aircraft







Minimum Landing Fee

$ 10.89


General Terminal Charges

Aircraft Seating


1 - 9

$ 20.69


10 - 15

$ 34.57


16 - 25

$ 53.25


26 - 45

$ 90.62


46 - 60

$ 142.08


61 - 89

$ 213.37


90 or greater

$ 292.55


Aircraft Parking Charges

Aircraft Weight

Daily Charge

Annual Charge


2,000 kg or less

$ 13.58

$ 790.42


2,001 kg to 5,000 kg

$ 14.23

$ 915.63


5,001 kg to 10, 000 kg

$ 22.94



10,001 kg to 30,000 kg

$ 47.56



30,001 kg or greater

$ 68.93



Land Rental Rate

Light Industrial - Full Service with Apron Access



$ 2.26 per sq. m. per year

Light Industrial - Partial Service with Apron Access



$ 2.04 per sq. m. per year

Light Industrial - For the Purpose of Dispensing Aviation Fuels



$ 7.59 per sq. m. per year

Light Industrial – Full Service without Apron Access



$ 1.68 per sq. m. per year

Minimum Charge



$ 1307.66 per year


Airport Terminal Building

Ticket Counter

$ 623.18 per sq. m. per year

Office Space

$ 513.62 per sq. m. per year

Baggage/Industrial Area

$ 315.01 per sq. m. per year

Conference Room (Rental)

$ 49.61 for first hour &
$ 18.47 each additional hour


Retail Concession

Concession Fee

7% of gross revenue per month

Retail Space

$ 116.97 per sq. m. per year


Vehicle Concession

Concession Fee

8% of gross revenue
per month

Counter Space

$ 65.30 per month

Vehicle Parking

Six (6) Free stalls per month.
Extra parking spots as per Vehicle
Parking Rates


Vending Machines

Concession Fee

7% of gross revenue per month

Machine Space

$ 292.42 per year

ATM/Cash Machine

25% of gross revenue per month


TV Monitor Advertising


15 second advertisement

$ 39.90 per month

30 second advertisement

$ 71.40 per month

45 second advertisement

$ 111.30 per month

Dedicated Monitor

$ 142.80


Display Cases

$ 651.00 per year


Pamphlet Advertising


Full size (8.5" x 11")

$ 150.00 per year

Half size

$ 100.00 per year


Pay Telephone

As per Bell Agreement


Vehicle Parking

Short Term

First thirty (30) minutes


After thirty (30) minutes

$ 2.00 per hour

Daily maximum

$ 9.00

Thirty (30) day maximum

$ 100.00

Long Term

Hourly rate

$ 2.00

Daily maximum

$ 9.00

Thirty (30) day maximum

$ 100.00

Daily heater rate

$ 10.00 additional


Fuel Concession

Av Gas

$ 0.1094 per litre

Turbo Fuel

$ 0.0533 per litre


Registration for Mobile Refueling and  Defueling Equipment

$ 0.0706 per kilogram gross weight per year


Environmental Fuel Storage

$ 0.0319 per litre tank storage capacity per year.


Airplane Plug-ins

$ 10.00 per day per heater

Airport Improvement Fee

There shall be levied and collected upon such class of persons the fee of $21.31 per
passenger for all passengers departing the Red Lake Airport via schedule flights be
they regularly scheduled flights or air charter flights.

The fee is comprised as follows:

$ 8.65 Passenger Departure Fee
$ 13.72 Airport Improvement Fee

The fee becomes due and payable to the Airport Manager or his/her designate
immediately prior to boarding of the scheduled or charter flight by means of the
purchase of a ticket from the automated parking machine or other form of purchase
as determined by the Airport Manager or his/her designate.

The failure to pay such fee will result in a departing passenger not being allowed to
enplane or be subject to such other measures as deemed appropriate by the Airport
Manager or his/her designate.

The definition of “departing passenger” shall be construed to mean only those
passengers who have a ticket indicating that departure is from Red Lake Airport and
shall not be construed to mean a passenger whose departure originated elsewhere
and who is continuing on the same flight to another destination.

The failure to report departing passengers by the 15th of the next month, will result in
billing based on the aircraft passenger capacity.


The fees and charges set out on the attached Schedule shall be subject to taxes as applicable, with the exception of Vehicle Parking, Fuel Concession, Airplane Plug Ins and Airport Improvement Fee, which includes applicable taxes.




Airport Services and Information

Airport Management Thunder Bay Airport Services

Duane Riddell - Airport Manager

2508 Hwy 125
P.O. Box 130
Cochenour, ON, P0V 1L0
P: (807) 662-2581
F: (807) 662-2303

Administration (Airport Terminal Building)

(807) 662-2581

"On Duty" Cell Phone

(807) 728-0997

"After Hours" Cell Phone

(807) 727-0262

Airport Hours

0600-2130 Local; (12-0230Z)

Administration Hours


Hangar Information

Wasaya Airways

(807) 662-1119

Superior Airways

(807) 662-4300

North Star Air

(807) 728-3455

Fueling Facilities

Fuel: 100LL, JA-1 FSll - Jet A
Aviation Oil: All

Fast Air Jet Centre

(807) 662-7241 Website

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair

Wasaya Airways

(807) 662-1119

Red Lake Seaplane Service

(807) 727-3611

Superior Airways

(807) 662-4300


Aviation Weather web site
Environment Canada Weather for Red Lake

NOTAM Winnipeg FSS

(866) 992-7433

Flight Planning - NAV Canada

Winnipeg Flight Information Center (FIC)
Nav Canada web site

NAV Canada

(866) 992-7433

Kenora Flight Services

(807) 548-5076

Winnipeg Flight Information Centre

(866) 541-4103

Transport Canada

Canadian Air Regulations (CARs)

Canada Customs

*Not Available at Red Lake Airport*


(866) 226-7277

FORT FRANCES Canada Customs (Local)

(807) 274-3655 x 240

KENORA Canada Customs (Local)

(807) 548-5926

Rides and Rentals

Red Lake Marine Products LTD Rentals   

(807) 727-9981

(807) 727-2747

Wreck Car - Car Rentals

(807) 727-9988


Red Lake Taxi

(807) 727-2100


Zoning Info

Red Lake Airport Zoning Regulations


Red Lake Aerodrome Chart CYRL Please refer to the latest edition of Canada Flight Supplement

Red Lake Aerodrome Chart CYRL

Red Lake VFR Terminal Procedures Chart Updated : 13 SEP 2012

Airport Overview & History

Red Lake Airport is located 1 kilometre south of Cochenour, ON.  The Airport serves as a point of call for Air Carriers offering scheduled passenger service; an operating base for Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; and services both private and commercial fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter operators located on site.

Commercial air service to the area began in 1926 using the waters of Howey Bay on Red Lake as a float and sea plane base.  Due to the freight requirements of the gold mines developing in the area, Howey Bay was recognized as the busiest airport in the world during 1936 and 1937.

Construction of a 400' x 150' gravel runway began in 1946 and was put into use on May 29th, 1947 when Canadian Pacific Airlines began daily service from Winnipeg.

The Airport operated privately until 1959 when the Department of Transport took over and lighting was installed.  In 1996, the Township of Golden became the owner/operator of the Red Lake Airport and two years later, in 1998, the Township of Golden and Red Lake along with the Local Services Board of Madsen amalgamated to form the Municipality of Red Lake.

It was 1993 when the paved runway was extended to 5001' x 150' to help serve the future growth of the Red Lake Area.

In October 2011, a brand new state-of-the-art Airport Terminal opened its doors to help serve the growing numbers of regional visitors and travellers.  On June 22, 2012 the Airport Terminal was officially named J.E.J. Fahlgren Terminal after a man with a great vision for the area.

Those leaving or arriving in Red Lake now enter a building that boasts large ticket and rental car counters, luggage carousels, naturally lit seating areas, NAVCan offices and space for administration.  Along with these additions, a modern parking lot has been implemented.

Rental space is available for franchise inside the Airport Terminal Building.

Comments & Suggestions

We invite you to help us improve our services at the Red Lake Airport by sharing your questions, concerns or comments on the way we provide services to the public.

All feedback should be directed to Administration or the Red Lake Airport Manager. Feedback from customers may be received in person, in writing, by email, telephone or by another method. A suggestion box can be found in the Airport Terminal Building on the counter at the Check-in area.

Red Lake Airport
Box 130
Cochenour, ON
P0V 1L0
Phone: (807) 662-2581


International Association of Airport Executives of Canada

Airport Management Council of Ontario

Northwestern Ontario Air Carriers Association

Highway 105 Tourism & Marketing Board

Norseman Floatplane Festival

Red Lake Chamber of Commerce


How to Operate Drones Safely and Legally

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